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Report Kuvat owned by kavalpe
Report Ruuvi owned by anjolaat
Report Linkkikuvia Kuvitusta RUUVIin owned by saujuhko
Report Testitaoaus TEstitapaus Testataapas owned by tttuovin
Report Benthic Macroinvertebrates sample images of benthic macro-invertebrates owned by aleator
Report Zoobenthos ICT Assesment of morphological damages in Chironomus larvae owned by aleator
Report Kalatievideot Lohien tunnistamista videokuvasta owned by aleator
Report Liikuntaindeksi Ryhmätason liikemäärän analyysin aineisto owned by aleator
Report Kimeme data Data produced with Kimeme owned by mweber
Report jjstorage JJ's storage project (for public data) owned by jumijero
Report VRPTuning Supplementary data of VRP solver tuning experiments publications owned by juherask
Report ITKP113 Oliosuuntautunut Suunnittelu Demot owned by rojevauh
Report itkp113demot itkp113 demot owned by alerosta
Report ksenia owned by gediapou
Report Writing Abstracts Slides from XENA007 owned by gediapou

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